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Welcome to NSPN:Open

You have reached the data download portal for the Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network – NSPN:Open.

NSPN:Open provides access to clinical, cognitive, structural and functional MRI data from a study of healthy adolescent brain development conducted as part of the Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network, a Wellcome Trust-funded collaboration between the University of Cambridge and University College London. These anonymised research data are released to the global scientific research community in accordance with the informed consent of the participants. We hope you will find them useful and accessible!

To summarise some key features of this NSPN:Open data release:

  • Accelerated longitudinal sampling of adolescent development in the age range 14-24 years, with each participant assessed repeatedly (at baseline and 1-2 follow-up assessments) over 2-3 years.
  • Tiered sampling of two differently sized samples: a larger, population-representative sample of participants completing repeated symptom questionnaires at home (N=2402; the 2K Cohort); and a smaller subset of the 2K Cohort, called the U-Change Cohort (N=300; 50/50 male/female in each of 5 age-defined strata), who additionally completed repeated assessments with cognitive tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of brain structure and function.
    • 2K cohort: home questionnaire pack (HQP) completed at three time-points (HQP1, HQP2, HQP3), using abridged questionnaires for the two follow-up assessments.
    • U-Change cohort: in unit assessment (IUA) completed at two time-points (IUA1, IUA2), comprising cognitive, structural MRI and functional MRI assessments at baseline and follow-up, separated by 1-3 years. A subgroup of participants also completed an IUA at 6 months after baseline (IUA1.5).

More information about the dataset can be found here: The NSPN 2400 Cohort: a developmental sample supporting the Wellcome Trust NeuroScience in Psychiatry Network.

A full list of NSPN Publications can be viewed here: NSPN Publications.



Please note that due to the terms of the consent form signed by participants, this data can only be shared with researchers.